David Schwab: Welcome to the Schwab Report. This is David Schwab. Today my guest is Dr. Jason Denise. Dr. Denise is a cosmetic and restorative dentist, and he joins me today from his office in Annapolis, Maryland.

Dr. Denise, do most of your new patients find you through advertising or through word-of-mouth?

Dr. Denise: Both. A good number of our patients do find us through referrals. We treat our patients well. I think they appreciate that. And that’s how the type of care they want for their friends and family. And it’s the greatest compliment they can give by referring their friends and family to us.

David Schwab: So is it fair to say that even though you’re busy and you’re popular, that you are always accepting new patients?

Dr. Denise: We are absolutely accepting new patients now.

David Schwab: I would like to thank Dr. Denise for joining us today. Dr. Denise is accepting new patients, and he may be contacted through his website annapolisdds.com.

This is David Schwab, thanks for watching.