David Schwab: Welcome to the Schwab Report. This is David Schwab. Today my guest is Dr. Jason Denise. Dr. Denise is a cosmetic and restorative dentist, and he joins me today from his office in Annapolis, Maryland.

One of the advanced diagnostic tools that you use in your office is something called Cone Beam CT Technology. Can you explain this technology and how it works?

Dr. Denise: The Cone Beam CT is a digital x ray machine that’s used to do an evaluation of the jaws. What is really incredible about this technology one is that it’s housed right here in the dental office. Secondarily, this technology shows us the teeth and bone structure not only in two dimensions but in three dimensions.

We can take a scan and look at the density of bone plan to do surgeries. Also it can identify where nerves and other important areas are such as your sinuses.

David Schwab: This sounds like very exciting technology. You’re talking about 3D imaging. Is it fair to say that in the past with the older x rays you were only seeing things in two dimensions?

Dr. Denise: The predecessor to a CBCT would be traditional panoramic. And what that shows us is the jaws in two dimensions. We’re looking at that film on a flat monitor. It does not allow us to see three dimensionally or see any of the additional structures that we just talked about.

David Schwab: I would like to thank Dr. Denise for joining us today. Dr. Denise is accepting new patients, and he may be contacted through his website annapolisdds.com.

This is David Schwab, thanks for watching.