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Do’s and Don’ts of Brushing Your Teeth

All dentists will recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, in addition to flossing once daily. And, sure, you may have developed great habits for brushing since you were a kid. But, believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to brush your teeth. We’ve got some tips for keeping your smile clean and healthy. Here are the do’s and don’ts of brushing teeth.

The DO’S of Brushing Your Teeth

Do Brush with Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride is a naturally occurring element. It has been proven that it prevents and even reverses tooth decay.

Do Choose the Right Toothbrush

Make sure your toothbrush is the appropriate size. Also, choose a brush with soft bristles. If the bristles are too hard you may cause damage to your gums.

Do Brush for at Least 2 Minutes

Consider brushing for 30 seconds for each quadrant of your mouth. For children and teens, set a timer. Better yet, have them brush along to a favorite song.

Do Replace Your Toothbrush Often

At the very least replace your toothbrush at least every three months. However, replace it sooner if the bristles show wear. Get a new brush if you are sick. Germs can live on the brush, which can lead to reinfection.

Do Brush After Sweets

Sticky, sweet, sugary treats can wreak havoc on your teeth. Try to brush after consuming. If you can’t, try rinsing your mouth with mouthwash or water. This will help wash away residual sugars and dilute acids produced by decay-forming bacteria. Here are a list of snacks that promote good dental health.

The DON’TS of Brushing Your Teeth

Don’t Share Your Toothbrush

Never. Ever. With anyone. Not even family member. Doing so could transfer germs and gum disease via moist brushes.

Don’t Swallow Toothpaste

Children 2-yrs old, and under, should not ingest toothpaste. Always supervise small children while teaching them good dental habits. Consider that kids need assistance with brushing until they can tie their own shoelaces. Here is a guide to help you raise a healthy smile.

Don’t Forget to Brush your Tongue

Brush or use a tongue scraper at least once a day. Bacteria can reside on the tongue and is largely responsible for bad breath. Brushing reduces the bacteria and controls halitosis.

Don’t Let the Water Run

You can waste up to 10 gallons of water if your brush for 2 minutes with the tap running! Conserve water. Fill a cup and use it for swishing and rinsing your toothbrush.

Don’t Use a Hard Bristle Brush

You can cause more harm than good if you use a hard bristled brush. Tooth enamel erosion and a receding gum line can be caused by bristles that are too hard.

Don’t Brush Aggressively

Brushing harder does not mean that your teeth will be cleaner. Think of brushing your teeth as a polishing procedure. Use gentle circular motions that cover the whole tooth surface to the gum line. Never brush back and forth.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Cleanings and X-Rays

Professional cleanings and exams are the best way to avoid painful and costly dental problems in the future. Make sure to schedule bi-annual appointments for the entire family!

Denise Dental Can Help

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