Why Crowns Are Sometimes Necessary

There are times when a cavity in a tooth requires a restoration called a “filling.” However, crowns, or caps, are needed to protect weak or cracked teeth, or teeth that have lost much of their structure due to past fillings.

Dental crowns are also usually indicated following a root canal procedure to strengthen and protect the tooth. In addition, a crown can be used to cover a tooth that does not have a pleasing shape or one that has become significantly discolored. In fact, crowns are often placed on front teeth as part of a cosmetic “smile makeover.”

Crowns are also the restorative phase of dental implant treatment. In this case, the crown is securely attached to the dental implant, or artificial tooth root, and the result is a strong and long-lasting restoration.

The are various types of crowns, because different materials can be used. Ask Dr. Denise about your options if you need a crown.