Options for Whiter Teeth

Zoom Whitening
Patients have several options for whitening their teeth. One option is to buy products from a pharmacy that promise to get teeth whiter with repeated applications. These products work sometimes, but they require repeated applications. The price for one box of whitening materials may seem attractive, but buying multiple boxes is not cost effective.
Another option is to have our office provide you with a custom whitening tray and gel that is more effective than over-the-counter products. Patients use the trays twice a day for about two weeks. The results can be dramatic.
The fastest way to whiten teeth is to use our in-office teeth whitening service. Results that take two weeks at home can be accomplished in the office in about one hour.
Patients who are seeking whiter teeth need to start with a baseline of good oral health, including healthy gums. Ask us about the various options and we will be pleased to help.