Bad Breath is a Warning Sign

The scientific name for bad breath is “halitosis.” Whatever you call it, bad breath can be embarrassing.
If you don’t carefully brush and floss teeth daily, particles of food may remain in your mouth, which leads to the growth of bacteria. The bacteria are found on the teeth, gums, and tongue, and bacteria can cause bad breath.
Periodontal or gum disease can also cause bad breath. Smoking or using chewing tobacco are also culprits to be avoided Bad breath is also associated with a long list of other dental and medical conditions.
To avoid bad breath, we recommend that patients visit our office on a regular basis for professional dental cleanings, and also see a physician for periodic medical check-ups. All patients are advised to brush and floss as instructed, and the home hygiene protocol should also include gently brushing the tongue to remove bacteria. Certain mouthwashes that contain antimicrobial agents can also help kill bacteria and leave your breath fresh.